The Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation is an organisation devoted to bridging the divide between Humanity, Hybrids and Aliens.

The Galactic Federation seeks to assist in educating people, bringing people together, the sharing of knowledge, facilitating in the reawakening of humanity and reactivation of the mind, body and spirit. Through various means, such as services, therapies, workshops, talks, courses, seminars, events, lectures, support groups helpline and so forth.

The frepresentative for the Galactic Federation, Charmaine D’Rozario-Saytch, is a Hybrid, experiencer and abductee. Charmaine has had numerous contact with various races of ET’s over her life time. Through visitations and information downloads Charmaine has been encouraged to start the organisation to assist in bridging the divide between Humanity, Hybrids and Alien races.

The Organisation is running a variety of services including a helpline and support groups for experiencers, abductees and Hybrids. Services are available as one to one sessions, for couples, groups and families.