Allow me to help you to re-awaken, re-connect and to achieve your full potential

Charmaine D'Rozario-Saytch


Bridging the Divide Between Humanity, Hybrids and Aliens

The Galactic Federation seeks to assist in educating people, bringing people together, the sharing of knowledge, facilitating in the reawakening of humanity and reactivation of the mind, body and spirit. Through various means, such as services, therapies, workshops, talks, courses, seminars, events, lectures, support groups helpline and so forth.

Angel healing/attunement

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

The Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping on the body, visualisation, verbal expression and other techniques where necessary to assist the client to deal with various issues. These may include physical discomfort, pain and dis-ease. Negative cycles and thought patterns can also be changed and positives ones put in place. Emotional and mental disharmony can be rebalanced and energy blockages released. Depression, anxiety, stress, bereavement, lack of confidence and many more issues can be alleviated with this simple technique that can be adopted into your daily routine to make the positive changes in your life that you want. This is a powerful technique that can make a profound difference to your daily life and well-being, it is a technique that you can do yourself in between one to one sessions to quickly and effectively deal with any issues that should arise.

DoTERRA Wellness Advocate

Mother Nature has given use the medicine to treat ourselves in a holistic way from nature and without the need to take modern medicine with chemicals that actually are harmful to the body. Even if you have a good healthy and varied diet and lifestyle, taking natural supplements are an important way to prevent health issues arising. Also to treat acute problems to prevent the issues becoming chronic. Getting the right support, supplementation and the use of techniques for chronic issues can make a profound difference. Natural and holistic approaches such as medicine health oils, supplements and techniques are an effective, natural way to regain and maintain health, well-being and vitality for you and your family. Take back control of your own body and health, book a wellness review today. Take a look at my doTERRA website today with a range of health oils, supplements and products to assist you and your family in reaching your health goals and true vitality!

Reiki Healing & Courses

Galactic energies are channelled through to allow healing to flow to where it is needed in the persons body and aura. It can assist on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki healing can be calming to the mind when one is very stressed, depressed, anxious or going through any inner turmoils. It can also soothe the body, help to release blockages, cleanse and re-energise the chakras, to re-align ones self to source. Contact to book a one to one session today. Reiki Courses Doing a Reiki course is a great way to connect more with the universal energies, to re-connect yourself with the source, re-awaken your own inner knowledge, to re-align with your true nature and purpose on this planet. Achieving master teacher level is not only a great journey of self discovery and re-awakening but a great way to give back by helping others on their earth journeys and soul paths. Create a career from something you love to do and that nourishes your souls purpose. Level 1 to master teacher level is available in Usui Reiki, Seichim Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and Atlantean Reiki. Please contact for details of up and coming courses or check the events page. If you already have a group that wish to do a course please contact to discuss doing a private course for you and your friends.